Landlord insurance clients will be interested to see that the National Private Tenants Organisation has just been created to act on behalf of tenants in the private sector.

The organisation says: "This is a critical time for private tenants to have a national voice.  With home ownership out of reach for many people and the lack of social housing, private renting is becoming the only option for many.  We have real concerns about rogue landlords and sub-standard housing.  According to Shelter, local councils know more than 1475 landlords who reportedly give them cause for concern and complaints against landlords have risen by 22% in the last 2 years."

We have often publicised cases where landlords have been prosecuted for safety offences and other breaches of housing law.  Do you share the NPTO’s concerns about rogue landlords?

Landlords, is the NPTO really needed to protect tenants? A public organization to speak up for tenants is a good thing however is this an over reaction to a small proportion of landlords providing poor quality property and furnishings? Who will make the most complaints, tenants from lower cost rental property, those tenants living in executive property or tenants in areas of severe rental property shortages?

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