You may not hear about disputes between their tenants and people living nearby until the situation has become serious. Research from CPP suggests that one in twenty of us have moved house because of neighbours’ bad behaviour. No landlord would like to think that a tenant has cause this much distress to a neighbour.

CPP surveyed 2,000 people to understand more about neighbourhood relationships. The most likely causes of tension are house and garden maintenance issues. Excessive noise, arguments about boundaries, parking spaces and trespassing children are also major sources of annoyance.

Nearly one third of us never speak to our neighbours and one in seven do not even know their neighbours’ names.

If you are a landlord of let property you may find yourself dragged in to a dispute between your tenant and a neighbour. For example, even if the tenancy agreement clearly places responsibility for the gardening on the tenant it is quite common for the landlord to be on the receiving end of complaints if it is neglected. It is essential that the landlord or agent inspects regularly to make sure that the property is being looked after properly. That way, potential disputes should be avoided or at least nipped in the bud.

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