If any our landlord clients are in any doubt about the importance of complying with health and safety law they should take a look at the register of convictions operated by the Health and Safety Executive (hse.gov.uk/prosecutions). The register is a public record and lists offences nine weeks after the conviction so that cases being appealed are not included.

Anyone can search for a particular person’s name or by the type of business activity such as property rental. In other words there is no hiding place for people who are convicted of cutting corners on tenants’ safety. Potential tenants can check out the landlord to see if he has a record.

Many of the very large fines recorded relate to major health and safety breaches at industrial or commercial sites but there is a steady stream of landlords being fined thousands of pounds under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

There is so much information available about how to comply with your obligations as a landlord that there is really no excuse for not following a proper regime when it comes to anything involving safety in a rental property; especially something as potentially dangerous as the gas installation. Landlord insurance clients will find lots of help on the web; for example: hse.gov.uk. A search for “landlords” is a good place to start.