Some of our unoccupied property insurance clients are people who are trying to sell houses that were previously let. In a slow market it may take longer than you would like to find a buyer and people struggling to sell their houses might be tempted to instruct two agents in the hope of attracting extra interest from potential buyers. It is essential that you understand exactly what you are agreeing to, otherwise you could find yourself in the middle of a dispute between two agents and even end up having to pay commission to each of them. It all depends on the terms of business on which you entered into the contract with the agents.

Most people start off with one agent but if their house does not sell they start worrying about whether they have chosen the best firm; or they might think that an agent in another area could help them to reach a larger audience. This is fine as long as they know exactly what they will have to pay in fees if a sale is made. A recent court case involved a seller who was using two agents and ended up having to pay twice over. Do not forget that a standard let property policy will not always be suitable; unoccupied property insurance is what you need.