Buy to let property landlords will have mixed opinions about recently released figures showing mortgage lending at its lowest for ten years. If you are already the owner of a portfolio of properties you are probably thinking that plenty of applicants will come knocking on your door when they decide they do not want to buy a house, or cannot raise the deposit. On the other hand prices seem to be falling- according to Halifax the average house dropped by £6,000 in September. Not very good news for the buy to let landlord who has just bought a new property.

Some of the experts are very gloomy indeed about the freehold market. Howard Archer at HIS Global Insight reckons that the housing market “has very little going for it at the moment, apart from low mortgage rates- and that is if you can get a mortgage.”

As with so many decisions it all depends on timing- if you buy at the right time you can’t go wrong- but who knows when the time is right?

If you own buy to let property you will need specialist buy to let property insurance.