Recent snow, ice and wind across the UK is set to continue, with Scotland to be particularly badly affected. Snow fall of up to 10cm is expected, along with winds of up to 60mph; while not as high as previous 80mph winds, conditions are likely to cause severe disruptions to traffic.

For those with properties that are not presently occupied, it is a reminder of how important it is to prepare for extreme weather conditions. As well as taking out unoccupied property insurance, there are a number of precautions property owners can take to reduce the risk of damage being caused by wind and freezing temperatures.

If you haven’t already, consider how well insulated your home is; good insulation can reduce the likelihood of suffering a burst pipe. Equally, shutting off the water at the stop cock and draining the pipes in the house is another effective way of countering the risk of a burst pipe.

When it comes to preparing for the wind, take some time to inspect your fences and ensure they are as secure as possible. Additionally, ensure that there are no objects near the windows of the property – nearby branches, for example, can break windows in high winds. If you can, inspect your roof for loose tiles, or pay a roofer or handy person to do it for you. Have any loose tiles replaced or repaired.

With wintry weather in full swing, there may be several more months of bad weather to come, so it’s never too late to prepare.