There are a range of unavoidable costs associated with operating a holiday home – maintenance costs and UK holiday home insurance are just two. But one cost some holiday home owners try to minimise is that of marketing, which is particularly understandable if investing in this area doesn’t pay off. While the term ‘marketing’ can turn a great many people off, especially those who have run what they think of as a fairly straight forward business for years, adapting to the latest techniques can pay off big dividends.

Marketing simply means ensuring as many of the right people as possible know that your property is available to rent: in this blog we’ll identify one more key way to do this.

The major search engines – particularly Google, Yahoo! and Bing, all offer the opportunity to advertise on their search engines. The ads tend to appear on the right hand side of the ‘organic’ listings, but also at the top and occasionally at the bottom.

By opening an advertising account with one of these search engines, you’ll be able to start creating adverts for your holiday home. You’ll be able to choose what term an advert shows for – for example, when someone enters “holiday home Cornwall” into a search engine, you can ‘bid’ for your ad to be shown. depending on how much you bid, you may get the top position, or you may not even get onto page 2.

Learning how to make the most of such advertising opportunities can be time consuming and challenging, but if you put in the time to learn about it, it can be an extremely cost effective way of finding customers who really want to stay in holiday home just like yours.

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