South Tyneside Council are undertaking a programme to renovate empty residential properties and rent them to local residents according a report on emptyhomes network.

The council is issuing Empty Dwelling Management Orders (EDMO) on those homes that have been left vacant and have been allowed to fall into disrepair by their owners. Once an EDMO has been issued the council simply takes control of the property for a seven-year period.  After such time the house can either be returned to the owner or the order can be extended.

Under the scheme once the council has obtained control it will undertake any necessary renovations, which can include new kitchens, bathrooms, roof repairs, cavity wall and loft insulation.  Once completed the properties are rented out with the council acting as the ‘landlord’ and the repairs costs are then recovered from the rental income.

In the article Councillor Allan West said “The properties we target have all been empty for over two years and have often been the subject of neighbourhood complaints” adding “We transform them into affordable family homes which benefit the whole community.”

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