Great news for residents in the Leeds area as measures introduced by Leeds City Council (LCC) to bring empty properties back into the residential sector appear to be making progress according to a recent report on

The council’s ongoing initiatives to help private owners of vacant homes to either use their properties or turn them into social housing has seen a reduction in houses left empty for long periods of time by nearly 2,000 since 2010.  The report also claims that since 2010 LCC has reduced the total number of empty properties by over 3,000 as of March 2014.

In the article Councillor Peter Gruen said “We know these properties can cause a blight to local communities and with so many people needing affordable housing it is a great way to make sure more families can get a home which is a decent standard. It is a ‘win win’ for all concerned” adding “By looking at innovative ways to invest, working with social enterprise organisations and forging close links with the private rented sector we can work together to bring these much needed houses back into use.”

The success of the project and the ongoing need to provide social housing within the city has prompted the LCC to aim to purchase a further 100 properties between April 2015 and March 2018

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