Apparently quite a lot when it comes to property prices according to research carried out by Hometrack, reports the

The recent study, which was commissioned by Barclays, indicates that properties that have ‘lane’ in their address were on average worth 22 per cent more than the price of a typical UK house.

Properties with ‘way’ occupied the second most valuable average price tag with the average cost being slightly less for those situated on a ‘road’.  

‘Close’ and ‘avenue’ came in 4th and 5th on the list respectively with ‘drive’ and finally ‘street’ occupying the bottom slots and the lowest average prices.

The findings also highlighted regional variations, for instance ‘street’ out performed ‘lane’ in London but in Scotland houses on a ‘close’ topped the list, with ‘road’ being the favoured address for properties in Northern Ireland.

Craig Calder, Barclays director of mortgages said “While this data paints a clear picture of victory for lanes in the competition between properties, it’s interesting to see the varying statistics from around the country, and a huge growth in value overall.”

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