We’re used to discussing holiday homes of the 2 to 4 bedroom variety on this blog – but very seldom anything that compares to Lady Gaga’s new $12m holiday home, which she is having built on the Greek island of Crete.
The international music star has opted to build what many are calling a ‘mansion’, rather than a holiday home, on the Mediterranean paradise, and plans to make it appear as if it is floating on the water.

Lady Gaga’s plans will be a massive boost to the economy of Crete, creating employment in order to build the tennis courts and two swimming pools – as well as the main structure. It may also have a knock on benefit for the wider tourism economy too, perhaps attracting thousands of Gaga fans who will be keen to take a look at the megastar’s new Mediterranean bolt-hole.

While we here at Click4Quote have not yet been contacted about providing holiday home insurance for Lady Gaga’s new property, we confidently expect to receive a call as soon as the roof has been fitted.

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