The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website is full of useful information for people planning foreign trips.  The site is promoting the “Know Before You Go” campaign; a partnership of travel industry organisations.  The main points the campaign is getting across are:

  • Do not travel without travel insurance
  • Check the FCO website “Country Travel Advice” section
  • Research your destination- know the local laws and customs
  • Visit your GP as soon as possible about immunisations
  • Check your passport is in good condition and valid- different countries have different requirements for the number of unexpired months you need.
  • Make copies of important travel documents
  • Tell someone where you are going and leave an emergency contact number
  • Take enough cash and have access to emergency funds

Thousand of British travelers could have avoided a great deal of trouble if they had followed this advice.  Also remember that you need to make sure your insurance covers all the activities you are planning and all the countries you will be visiting.