There’s no doubt that private rental sector (PRS) landlords provide a valuable resource to the housing market by providing homes to many people and families across the country. But is the media’s often negative portrayal of landlords causing those in the PRS to contemplate leaving the market?

In a recent report on, research undertaken by online letting agent MakeUrMove indicated that, of those they surveyed, 65% of landlords felt that a number of TV shows had represented the PRS landlord in a disingenuous light as far as the British public are concerned.

The study showed that whilst most agreed that rogue landlords should be exposed, there should be a balance to demonstration a fairer representation of this market sector.

The article quotes Alexandra Morris, managing director of MakeUrMove as saying about the research findings; “These figures demonstrate that ‘rogue landlords’ are really in the minority, yet the portrayal in the media is leaving good, honest landlords feeling hugely undervalued.”  Adding that many “try to do the best for their tenants even if it impacts their margins, with 46% saying they will keep their tenants rents the same despite rising costs, which is the complete opposite of the TV image of landlords.” and thatTV paints a picture of nightmare landlords running amok in Britain, when in reality, the majority of landlords are genuine, hard-working people who want to maintain good relationships with their tenants.”

With a proportion of those feeling demonised to the point of considering whether they actually want to remain a PRS landlord, Morris added her concerns that; “With more than half of landlords also feeling the government afford them little to no value, it’s having a real impact on a vital part of the UK’s housing sector, risking crucial landlords leaving the market."

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