The reasons people have for needing unoccupied property insurance policies are varied; each property owner is different. Sometimes the family has broken up and the former family home is empty waiting for a buyer. Divorce is a time when the insurance needs of the parents and children should be reviewed but until now it has not been possible to insure against the legal costs involved in the divorce itself.

Legal expenses insurance firm ARAG is talking about launching a divorce policy next year to pay for the costs involved in a family split. This type of cover is commonplace in Germany and it seems only a question of time before it comes over here. Legal Aid will be much harder to obtain in future so maybe private insurance will be the way to go.

Life assurance is certainly something that needs to be reviewed as part of the divorce and even travel insurance needs to be checked to make sure it covers the family members if they are not travelling as a group.

Remember that if there is an empty house it will need a special unoccupied home insurance property. Contact