Which? recently conducted a survey 151 motor insurers and 180 home insurers on insurance fees and have reported that 70% of car insurers and 33% of home insurers now charge for simple changes such as updating an address or marital status. It was also reported that the average cancellation fee for home insurance is £31 and £40 for car insurance.

Which? believe that many of the fees were hidden in the small print and are excessive so they have issued a warning to consumers to take notice of the fees when purchasing policies.

For motor policies the average fee for updating your details was £21, the highest being £55. Home insurance policies were slightly cheaper, with an average of £18 and the highest being £35. It was even discovered that just to obtain a copy of your certificate if you happen to accidentally lose it could cost you up to £30.

So how does click4quote compare to the information released by Which? Well for all of our products such as unoccupied property insurance we make NO FEE for making simple changes to your policy such updating your address or married name. We do not even charge for copy documents if you happen to lose them - we feel that is fair to our customers.

Yes, like most other companies we do currently make cancellation charges but our fee is just £15, half the average cost other home policies in the survey - so again we feel our charge is reasonable and fair.