Despite the fact that flats and shared houses in the rental sector are in great demand because of the challenges facing would-be buyers, landlords still have to work hard to attract top rents. An initial outlay or revamp can reap long term rewards, and can deal with the surprisingly small things that can put off a would-be renter. Here are some ideas for our landlord and buy to let insurance customers, to help better attract tenants.

1. A fresh coat of paint. This is an inexpensive way of giving the whole property a lift, making it seem cleaner, lighter and generally more attractive. Lighter shades can make rooms feel larger, which can be a big consideration for renters.

2. New carpets. Adding new carpets also gives the whole property an aesthetic lift. Even a luxurious property with worn out carpets can seem unattractive – so making this investment can improve first impressions immeasurably. Dirty, faded carpets may suggest that there has been a lack of care as regards other parts of the property. Choose a neutral shade that will go with various types of furniture, and will help increase the sense of space and light.

3. Ensure all power outlets are working properly, and check all plumbing is effective. Additionally, have a look for small problems such as blown light bulbs or jammed windows.

4. If you are renting a shared house, things like pots, pans, knives and a kettle will all help persuade a would be renter to take your place. It is relatively cheap to provide these and will save the renter the trouble of sourcing them themselves. These items will also then be available for subsequent tenants.

5. Take pets. As a nation of animal lovers, many people are looking for a pet-friendly place. The fact that many properties are anti-pet could mean you are leagues ahead a regards finding a tenant. Take a security deposit for any damage caused by the animal.

If you need insurance for your let property visit Alternatively if you are planning on larger scale works to the property for renting it out take a look at our buildings renovation insurance.