When it comes to buying any kind of insurance, whether it's car, travel, let property insurance - or one of the numerous other policy types available - the sheer volume of information on the internet can be overwhelming. And things can get even more confusing once price comparison sites come into the picture.

Is the cheapest policy the best option?

Price comparison sites play up to what is, understandably, a very big concern among those choosing insurance - namely, how much it costs. While this is naturally on the minds of many, it shouldn't deflect attention from what the product is there to do - insure you against unwanted events.

So is selecting the cheapest cover the best idea? Many would argue - particularly those who have been stung by policies that weren't what they expected - that you should draw up a list of what you want or need from a policy, and then go about seeking the most appropriate product. Once short list is drawn up, it might be the right time to look into the best price.

Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all affair, and it might be advisable to look for the 'best-fitting' policy, before looking to save money, however big a concern that might be. From this viewpoint, the price comparison site might not always be the most useful insurance-finding tool.

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