As some of our holiday home insurance customers are only too aware, dealing with flood damage to a property can be a very stressful experience. But no matter who your insurance is with, there a few a straightforward steps you should take to make the claiming process as hassle-free and fast as possible. Take these steps only when the water has subsided and it is safe to do so.

1. Contact your insurance provider immediately. They will tell you what steps to take next. They will probably appoint a loss adjuster, who will identify what replacements or repairs are required, and which are covered under your policy.

2. Even if you cannot find your policy details, your insurer should be able to find you on their database with just a few security questions.

3. You may need to get some emergency temporary repairs done in order to limit the damage. Make sure you tell your insurer about this, and keep all receipts as they will be used in the claim.

4. Do not dispose of any items that have been damaged. Your insurer will want to assess them an order to decide if they really are beyond repair.

5. It’s a good idea to take photos or video of any damage in order to support your insurance claim. Your insurer may want to see receipts of belongings, so keep them in a safe, waterproof place.

6. Keep detailed notes of your conversations with your insurer, including times and dates, who you spoke to and what, if anything, was agreed.

7. Mark the high water levels on the walls of your home with an indelible marker for future reference.