Not only has the government’s Help to Buy scheme help many first time buyers who would have otherwise found it impossible to get a foot on the property ladder, but big business seems to have also benefitted from the flagship Coalition program.

In a recent article in the Independent, housebuilder Redrow reported a “positive impact” from Help to Buy, and that year-on-year, it has increased the number of properties it built by 27% – to 3,597.

And of course, more properties are not only good news for first time buyers but also first time landlords who are wanting to enter the let property market as well as landlords who are looking to increase their rental property portfolio.

Availability and price still pose big challenges for many would-be buyers, as do the more stringent affordability tests for aspiring homeowners.  Even lenders are falling foul of these new test requirement as RBS found out when it was recently fined £14.5M for selling mortgages without undertaking the proper affordability testing according to an report in the Economic Times

Getting a buy-to-let mortgage is however is a lot easier for those wishing to enter the let property market, even to the degree that some first time homeowners are pretending to have such entrepreneurial ambitions reports the Telegraph.  However, lenders are becoming wise to the manoeuvre. Ray Boulger, of brokerage John Charcoal is cited in the article as saying “Lenders have been cracking down on this since the financial crisis” also saying “Most lenders now also carry out post-completion checks so that even if a residential borrower does manage to slip through the buy-to-let net, there is a strong chance they will be caught out.”

But for genuine let property investors, the current legislation may have offered opportunities to increase their portfolio of properties to rent.  So if you’re planning on increasing your let property portfolio then provides let property insurance for landlords with multiple properties types and different tenant types under one policy with no amendment fees to add additional properties.  Why not ask us for a landlord portfolio quote