Many of our unoccupied property insurance clients are hoping to sell their empty houses. Some of them have inherited a house and others may have moved without being able to sell. If you are thinking of selling you will be scouring the news at this time of year to see what the experts think about the future for house prices in 2011.

According to Nationwide, prices did not change much at all between the beginning and end of 2010. They expect some drops in the first part of 2011 but say that the market for the whole of the year should be stable. HIS Global Insight are more depressing, expecting falls of around 6% in 2011.

Mortgages are still hard to come by and many would be buyers are finding it impossible to finance a move. This is bad news for sellers but good news for landlords as more people are forced to rent. Whether you are looking for a buyer or tenant for your house it pays to present it as well as you can. It is easy to neglect an empty house, especially if it some way from where you live. Apart from anything else your unoccupied property insurance will probably require you to inspect the house regularly- check your policy to see exactly what you need to do to keep it in force.