Cornwall has long been a popular location for buying a holiday home, both for those with families who want to escape busier, more populated parts of the UK, and retired people who just want somewhere relaxing to spend weekends and holidays. But what is it that makes life in Cornwall so attractive?

Staying in Cornwall, even if it’s just for a few weeks a year, can be something of a surprise, simply because the way of life experienced in this county is very different from some other areas of the UK. Some have described social events – especially those in smaller communities – as being similar to those found in small Irish communities. After all, there is a big Celtic influence across this region, which can be seen in the music and the buildings – and of course the language (although only 2000 people speak it).

Aside from the good quality beaches and rolling countryside, it is probably the social aspect of living or staying in Cornwall that makes the biggest difference to quality of life: but along with this is a laid back approach, which might not be too familiar to those who are used to more hectic part of the country.

All this is part and parcel of buying a holiday home in another part of the UK, along with getting adequate holiday home buildings insurance and learning to say a cheery ‘hello’ to complete strangers!