The government has suspended Home Information Packs but Energy Performance Certificates remain.  This means that landlords need to obtain or at least commission an EPC before putting a rental property on the market.  You do not actually need to have the certificate available when you start marketing but you do need to make it available as soon as you have it.  At the latest it must be made available to the prospective tenants before the date of the tenancy agreement.  The EPC lasts for ten years.

If you do not follow the rules you run the risk of being pursued by your local trading standards department and having to pay a fine.

Home Information Packs contained a great deal of information about the property and were supposed to bring more certainty to house selling because buyers would have answers to most of their questions at an early stage.  In fact they gained a reputation for holding back the market by deterring people from putting their homes on the market because of the costs of the pack.  It is hard to see any government abolishing Energy Performance Certificates because energy efficiency is high on the political agenda.

If you are a property owner then remember that you should buy landlord insurance for your property.