Those precious warm patches that are currently serving as the UK summer offer prime opportunities to carry out some maintenance on your property. Whether you are one of our landlords building insurance customers, or you are one of our unoccupied property insurance customers, these dry patches make it much easier to carry out jobs such as gutter cleaning, painting and general repairs that can seem so unappealing in wetter conditions.

Unseasonal winds may have caused more leaves than usual to build up in your guttering, and clearing them out now will give you less of a job to do when the autumn arrives. Blocked up gutters can lead to damage to exteriors due to water build up and overflow, so it’s prudent to deal with it while you can.

Make sure that your ladder is secured properly before you begin. Ideally, have someone holding it for you as you ascend. Some professionals actually attach a safety strap around the top of the ladder, which is attached to the gutter, although this may seem like overkill to some.

The same caution should be exercised if you using a ladder to do any painting, too. Instead of leaning across to paint certain sections of your building, it is a better idea to re-position your ladder more frequently.

You may be tempted to hire a professional to carry jobs such as these, who should be able to do the job safely and arguably more quickly than yourself. Whether you carry out such jobs yourself or choose to hire someone else, this kind of maintenance can really help to preserve your building – and the summer is the best time to do it.