There are a number of reasons why a property might remain unoccupied for long period. A slow housing market; the need for costly renovation; deceased persons in the garden.

This last possibility is quite rare, but it is true of one house in Teddington, London, where the previous occupants – a husband and wife – are buried in the garden. However, according to the estate agents looking to sell the property, Curchods, the unusual additions to the garden have not dampened interest in the house.

Valued at £650,000, the property does require some renovation work, which appears to be more of an issue than the previous occupants having been laid to rest in the garden.

In the online description the estate agents write: ‘It is important to note that the previous owners’ last wishes were to be buried in this garden, which is where both currently rest.’

Speaking to Metro, Curchods’ Graeme Wadhams said, ‘Upon finding out about the bodies in the garden the majority of people we speak to don’t seem to have a problem with it.’

The previous owner who passed away a few months ago wished to be buried in his garden alongside his wife who died a number of years ago.

The four bedroom property was built around 1875 and is thought to have been a pub due to its imposing pedimented top section, and its two entrances, one of which is a double door. It features four bedrooms and a spacious 50ft long garden.

Would you live in a property that contained two graves? Do you think the demand for property in London makes such an issue irrelevant to most would-be buyers?

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