Many landlords are frustrated by the problems they can face if tenants breach their agreements and have to be removed. The process that must be followed is complex and must be strictly adhered to. Landlords have commented that most suppliers do not have to keep providing a service if the customer stops paying but landlords sometimes have to put up with tenants who “work the system” and stay in occupation for as long as possible, rent free.

A campaign called “Rebalancing the Law” is being mounted by landlords’ organisations to push for the procedures to be simplified and speeded up. They say that if there is a clear case of tenants refusing to pay or committing anti-social behaviour they should be evicted quickly; apparently it can take several months at the moment.

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The Ministry of Justice is planning to close many County Courts. These Courts are the backbone of the legal system for landlord and tenant disputes. The Ministry of Justice website will show whether your local Court faces closure. Will this make it harder for you to gain access to justice?

If you have rented property then you should purchase landlords house insurance to protect your investment. You can often purchase buildings insurance with additional options such a legal cover which includes some protection to reclaim your property.