A south-west London property has been reduced to a pile of rubble whilst reportedly undergoing an extension to the basement reports the bbc.co.uk

According to the article the detached six bedroom Georgian property was once owned by Grammy award winning Welsh singer-song writer Aimee Duffy but had been sold last year for £3.5m.

The London Fire Brigade confirmed that the front of the building is in a dangerous position but no one was reportedly hurt and that the neighbouring property has been evacuated.

Safer Basements, a Richmond campaign group said that they were aware of a number of issues with the property which had been linked to the basement building works including large cracks in walls, a collapsed ceiling, water and gas leaks as well as doors and windows out of alignment. 

Val Sancourt, from the campaign group, is reported to have told the BBC that there has been a significant increase of this type of property renovation in the area, saying: "We're not saying no basements ever, anywhere. We're not anti-basement per se. We're saying before you put in a basement you need to have had proper hydrological investigations” adding "If it can't be proved to be safe then applications should not be granted. It's got to the point in Barnes where everyone, as soon as a house is sold, is terrified."

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