The Environment Agency is warning that large swathes of the UK remain at risk from flooding, with over 100 national warnings at time of writing – including one in the ‘severe’ category.

Around 220 properties have been flooded across the country according to the EA, with many roads and fields still underwater.

What if your property has been flooded?

Contact your insurer as soon as possible. They will provide guidance on how to make a claim. If you have landlord, homeowner or unoccupied property insurance with, you can find out how to make a claim here:

Read your policy document

Your policy will detail the sections under which your property is insured and list any exceptions.

Alternative accommodation?

Depending on your insurance policy, there may be a provision of alternative accommodation. Be sure to ask your insurer about this when you contact them. A number of policies allow customers to claim for alternative accommodation costs.

Take photos

Use your camera or mobile phone to take pictures of the scene. This will speed up the claims process.

Don’t throw away damaged belongings

– Unless you have discussed the issue with your claims advisor. Damaged possessions will need to be assessed.

Structural damage, drying out and use of electrical equipment

Look for signs of damage before moving back into your flood damaged home.

Let your property dry out properly before redecorating, and avoid using gas or electrical equipment until both have been assessed by a qualified person.

Find out about flood warnings in your area by visiting: