As the people of Cumbria cope with the aftermath of the recent flooding they will have plenty of opportunities to judge how well or badly their household insurers have reacted.  Will they have enough people on the ground and in their call centres to respond quickly and efficiently to clients claims?  If you have any experience of the ability of property insurers to handle claims properly at times of extreme weather please let us know. 

The Times (November 25th) has followed up on the 2007 flooding in Tewkesbury to see how householders are faring.  One of the main concerns is the attitude of some insurers to renewing policies on flood damaged homes.   There are reports of people being asked to pay flood insurance excesses of as much as £5,000.  One couple have been asked to accept an excess of £19,000.

If you are buying a house as a buy to let investment or for your own occupation you need to be very clear about the flood risk.  The Environment Agency website is well worth a look-

If you are worried about flood insurance issues or have personal experiences to share just let us know.


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