Whatever type of insurance you plan on buying, be it buy to let insurance, holiday home, unoccupied – or one of the various other kinds of policy that are available, there are a number of potential mistakes or hazards to avoid, in order to ensure you’re fully covered. In the third part of this series of blogs, we look at some more issues.

Non-disclosure or misrepresentation

It’s important to be totally honest when taking out insurance, as well as taking the time to think about all the possible risks your property may be subject to. For example, is the property actually a holiday or a second home? Or is the property actually being left empty, being renovated or in probate? Is there any risk of flood nearby that should be stated?

Limited public liability protection

This is arguably a very important feature on a policy, so it’s worth looking into the details. How much public liability indemnity does your insurance policy provide? Does it cover swimming pool use? Does it cover holiday makers in your property? Does it cover people working in or around your property, such as maintenance workers? Overseas insurance policies often provide very low limited public liability protection compared to most UK policies, so check these figures out.
Non UK policies may also only cover injuries to the property owner, which might be an issue when letting out a holiday property; if a guest gets injured on your premises you could be liable.

More exclusions and pitfalls in part 4.