The notion of renting to those on housing benefit has divided landlords for decades. There is an established view among many property owners that renting to those on welfare is fraught with risk. Will they will actually pay on time? Will they be more prone to being a social nuisance or not properly take care of the property?

A recent article in the Guardian’s high profile Housing Network Blog has attempted to ignite a debate on the issue. The writer, Aki Ellahi, is a landlord himself, and puts forward a number of plus-points to renting to those whose rent is funded by the DSS. He points out that more working people than ever claim housing benefit, debunking the idea that only the unemployed are claimants. This fact alone puts many housing benefit claimants in the same group as those who work but can afford private rents.

Ellahi also states that by renting to those on housing benefit you are accessing a source of guaranteed rent. With so much turmoil in the economy, he suggests that renting to those on housing benefit makes economic sense. In addition, landlords might also feel that they are helping less fortunate families to find a home.

For some landlords, times are a long way off being what they were in the mid-2000s – as many of those seeking to find a cheap landlord insurance quote with Click4Quote will attest. But does renting to DSS claimants hold the answer? Do you rent to housing benefit claimants? Tell us your story in the comments section below.