Cost effective energy saving ideas for your holiday home

Keeping one’s own property warm and energy efficient is something of a given these days, but the same is not always true of holiday homes. However, ensuring a holiday property is easy to heat and does not lose warmth unnecessarily can have two important benefits. Firstly, it keeps your guests happy, making them less likely to complain and more likely to return for another visit. Secondly, since you are responsible for the energy bills, it makes sense that your property is as energy efficient as possible.
Weather stripping for windows

Depending on how old or indeed how your property was built, warm air may escape from between the window frame and the wall, or around the edges of a loose window pane, or through cracks in the glass. To address this, you can install plastic or metal weather-stripping between the frame and the window sash. In the vast majority of cases this type of stripping will not interfere with the operation of the window.

Window kits

Windows that ‘leak’ heat, perhaps through a crack, can be addressed with cost effective window kits. These comprise sheets of plastic that, once applied to the pane, can keep the cold out and the warmth in.

Door draft-proofing

For doors, you might want to invest in a draft stopper or door sweep, which will prevent heat from escaping from under the door. You can also install weather-stripping between the doorframe and the wall.


In addition, ensure your radiators are kept free of dust, as this layer can absorb heat. Alongside this, look at the furniture in a given room – does any of it block the radiators? If so, the potential warmth of the room and the house could be reduced.
As energy prices continue to climb, many buying holiday home insurance customers are looking for ways to keep costs down. These are some of the more cost effective ways of doing so – improving guest satisfaction in the process.