AXA has warned that thousands of homeowners in the UK are leaving themselves at risk of having insurance claims turned down – because they are unclear about how their storm damage cover works. The insurer says it has to turn down 1 in 20 storm damage claims each winter, because damage has been caused by general wear and tear rather than a sudden storm-related event.

Homes which have received little or no maintenance work tend to result in such repudiations. According to AXA, 59% of people would expect their insurance provider to cover weather related damage no matter what condition their home was in. Additionally, 23% are under the impression that their insurance covers them for any kind of structural damage that has resulted from a lack of maintenance on the policyholder’s home.

Data from the firm also suggests that homeowners seldom check the state of their roofs or gutters. 31% have not checked their roofing in the last five years, while 59% of homeowners have not checked their gutters within the last three years.

At Click4quote the majority of our landlord, home, holiday home and unoccupied property insurance customers are aware of how their policy works in relation to storm damage claims, but it’s worth re-iterating how important it is to keep properties well maintained, so that if the worst does happen, customers are more likely to receive the full benefit of their Click4Quote policy. As winter approaches, this is even more important to bear in mind.