With increasing talk of a housing bubble being created by the recent peak in activity in the property market, some are calling for cooling off measures. Year-on-year, house prices rose by 4.6 per cent in the three months to July – the highest rate since August 2010 – according to data from the Halifax.

One unorthodox method of keeping property prices in check has been dreamt up by one of Britain’s more controversial comedians, Mark Thomas. His stunt involves Thomas and a group arriving while a viewing is taking place at a mansion for sale. Those viewing the mansion would see Thomas and company singing ‘Neighbours’, across the road, while holding up placards with worrying messages written on them.

Known for his politically-slanted comic stunts and set-ups, Thomas has just started his “100 Acts of Minor Descent”, a comedy show lasting a year.
In an interview with the Telegraph Thomas talks about his other stunts, including a What’s The Time Mr Wolf Championship in Hyde Park, created to highlight new charges for sports teams using the park’s facilities.

Thomas doesn’t reveal what other measures he might take to minimise the chances of another housing bubble, but some may see the act as a humorous-yet-pertinent reminder of housing –bubble warnings issued by various figures, including the business secretary Vince Cable.

The government’s Funding for Lending and Help to Buy schemes have made it cheaper for banks to lend, and easier for people to obtain mortgages.

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