Our clients keep us in the picture about problems they have encountered with their properties. Cold weather brings special risks and it pays to take common sense precautions to save trouble later. It is surprising how many tenants do not know how to turn off the water so make sure they have clear instructions about this.

Do you have a list of preferred contractors for things like electrical and heating breakdowns? If you are confronted with a problem it could make all the difference to have contact details for local experts readily to hand.

Landlords should be well aware of the need to have annual checks of gas installations and to keep hold of the certificates. That is only part of the picture; it can be expensive and very inconvenient for the landlord and the tenant if a boiler goes wrong so it could be a false economy to keep that old boiler going. Maybe a new one would save time and money later on. Lagging pipes is also a must.

Landlord insurance should help you if things go wrong; but only if you understand what conditions apply and take steps to adhere to them. Take a moment to check your policy so you do not have nasty surprises later on.