Unoccupied property insurance is proving its worth this winter as the cold weather causes burst pipes and snow and ice take their toll on houses up and down the country.

RSA says that its weather related claims were £142m higher than normal in November and December. Last year the insurer received:

• 8,000 burst pipe claims

• 5,500 snow claims

• 5,700 other weather related claims

• 19,000 home emergency claims

In some parts of the UK flooding is a major worry each winter. Taking out a specialist policy is essential to protect your investment and it also makes sense to check the terms of your policy to make sure you will not have any problems if you need to make a claim. Keep an eye on your property and take common sense precautions to keep it safe. If you have arranged a good quality unoccupied property insurance policy you will have a little extra peace of mind.