One property insurance company reckons that since the beginning of December, UK policyholders have made nearly 16,000 claims relating to water damage totalling something like £35 million.  The cold weather has obviously caused inconvenience and even misery for many property owners.  In some parts of the country temperatures dropped to an amazing -22C overnight and it is little wonder that pipes froze and then burst.

According to this research the average insurance claim for burst pipes is £2,218.  This might not seem too much but it conceals the nuisance and stress caused if  your property floods.

It makes sense to know how to turn off the water at the stopcock or meter. Also ensure that the pipes are adequately lagged. If you are leaving the property unattended for a few days make sure that sensible precautions are taken to keep it warm and safe.  If the property is unoccupied for a longer period check your insurance cover to make sure you follow the insurer’s requirements.