It is now three years since legislation was introduced requiring landlords to protect deposits.  A popular way of doing this is to use the Deposit Protection Service, which is free of charge.   But what happens if the landlord does not feel that the tenants should be allowed a refund of the deposit at the end of the tenancy?  Perhaps they have left the place in a mess or have absconded without giving a forwarding address.

The DPS has what it calls a Single Claim Process.  The agent or landlord may make a claim if they believe they are entitled to some or all of the deposit.  After fourteen days have elapsed from the end of the tenancy a Statutory Declaration must be sworn, showing the tenants’ address if possible.  If they then dispute the claim the DPS will request further information and if unresolved the dispute will probably be referred to Alternative Dispute Resolution so it can be settled.

Does anyone have any experience of the process- good or bad?

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