In these more challenging economic conditions it can be tempting to cut costs in all aspects of our personal and working lives, but when it comes to insurance – be it holiday home, buy to let or unoccupied property insurance, to name just a few – a quality product is crucial to ensure real peace of mind.

The same can be said of conveyancing. Most of those in the know would urge you to pay for the best conveyancing service you can afford; unless the purchase you have in mind does not have the merest whiff of a problem.

The choice of conveyancing options is huge, and can often be confusing if you’re new to it. Among the traditional solicitor services are licensed conveyors and a whole host of online products. These one-stop-shop online affairs are nearly always cheaper than more established services, but can often fall short if anything other than a straight-forward case is in the offing. Such e-conveyancing products are provided, usually, from a call centre far away, and if issues such as boundary disputes or restrictive covenants rear their heads, you may find the online product wasn’t such a good purchase after all.

Larger local firms, while pricey, may offer more peace of mind, while smaller local ones may be cheaper but more overworked – and therefore slower.

Essentially, the best option is too seek out an experienced firm with a good reputation, even if doing so does cost a little more.

If you are selling a property or waiting for your property to be occupied and you require unoccupied insurance contact online insurance brokers