If you're fortunate enough to be in the market for a holiday home, you'll soon realise that getting the finance to make the purchase is only the first step. Choosing a location and holiday home that suits your needs and lifestyle is equally important - and in some ways also very challenging. One part of the UK that has long been popular among holiday home owners is Cumbria, largely due to its beautiful countryside - much of which can be found in the world famous Lake District National Park.

A holiday home in Cumbria is best suited to those who love the countryside and are less keen on the city; in fact Cumbria has no cities. Instead, the outdoors provides ample opportunity to enjoy walking, hiking, cycling and even more adventurous pastimes such as rock climbing.

Before you can think about buying a home in this region and going about all the practical arrangements - such as taking out a holiday home insurance policy for example - consider if you are ready to make the transition to Cumbria. For those who have spent a large portion of their lives in cities, the change can be dramatic; a quieter, more laid back approach to life should be expected. But along with more peaceful surroundings, you may well find very friendly locals and a sense of community that may be lacking in more built up areas.