For many landlords, their busy working lives can mean that there is a great deal of pressure on their time. For those who have multiple properties, that can especially be the case. Making the time, however, to visit one's property on a regular basis is crucial for the safe-guarding of one's house or flat.

Carrying out such inspections is also a requirement of the vast majority - if not all - empty property insurance polices. Precisely how often my differ depending on your insurance provider, but visiting once a week is a common requirement.

This measure, together with making your property look occupied via a variety of techniques can help ward off unwanted visitors - in the form of burglars and vandals, particularly the former. Rearranging furniture and curtains inside the property, installing an alarm and putting lights on a timer system are all good ways to help keep your property secure.

If you haven't familiarised yourself with your policy yet, it's very much worth taking some time to ensure you know what is required of you, so that your property remains covered. Other requirements usually include turning the water off at the mains – especially important in the winter when so many burst pipes occur, although this measure alone does not eradicate the risk of water damage. A burst pipe could stand undetected for days leaving it to cause significant damage with insurers having bit hit hard in recent years this is a sensible precaution to request.

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