The last thing you want is for a claim to be turned down following a theft from your property. Your insurers will have placed security requirements in your policy so it makes sense to be aware of them.

Most insurance policies require you to have door locks of a certain standard. If you are insuring your own house as an owner-occupier it is easy to check but this is not the case with a let property that might be miles away. Unoccupied property insurance clients need to be aware of any special clauses applying to empty houses. The best thing to do is read your policy and contact your insurer with any concerns. Do not assume that the security precautions comply with your insurers’ rules- there is no alternative to checking them yourself or asking someone else to do it for you.

Most insurers will require five lever mortice locks conforming to BS 3621 and there may be special rules about patio doors so check your policy. If you fail to meet the standards set in your policy you may find your claim turned down. It is a good idea to change the locks periodically; especially if you know that several people have been given keys but you can only account for a few of them.

With the summer holidays on the way it could be a good time to give your unoccupied property a thorough going over to make sure it has survived the spring gales and winter freezes unscathed.