The potential dangers of fireworks were highlighted again last week after the Bradford Fire Brigade were called to a house fire in the Keighley area according to a report in the Telegraph & Argus.

Fire crews discovered a spent firework in the property, which they believe was posted through the letterbox.

Unoccupied Property

The property was unoccupied at the time, but emergency services accessed the house through an unlocked window.

Fortunately for the owners only the floor area near the door was damaged by the fire.

The report cites Watch Commander Jimmy Johnson as saying: “A firework had been posted through the letter box. It had burned out and only caused minor damage. We have to stress that fireworks are not to be used irresponsibly.  People should make sure they are only used at organised events.”

Aside from the fire risks posed by fireworks, the incident is a reminder of how vulnerable properties are when they are left vacant for any length of time.

The risk naturally increases the longer a house or flat is unoccupied.

Getting the Right Insurance

Here at we require our unoccupied property insurance customers to seal their letterboxes to ensure that this type of event cannot occur.  If you are worried about correspondence not being delivered then we suggest fitting an external letterbox or using the Royal Mails redirection service.

So if you own an unoccupied property why not get a quote online today and see how we can help protect your vacant property investment