Theft of bikes has increased dramatically in the last couple of decades with an estimated 500,000 bikes being stolen in the UK each year.  The combined value of these is probably well in excess of £10 million.  London is the hotspot for bicycle theft but cities like Cambridge and Oxford also have more than their fair share.

More than half of all thefts take place when the bike is in or very near to the owner’s home; in a shed or garage for example.  A few precautions will reduce the chance of your bicycle being stolen and improve your chances of making a successful claim on your home insurance:

  1. Always lock your shed or garage if your bike is inside
  2. If you are out with your bike only let it out of your sight if is locked to an immoveable object with a high quality lock
  3. Keep a note of the serial number and the original purchase receipt
  4. Mark the bike with an ultraviolet pen
  5. Keep some photos of your bike

Your home insurance will probably only cover your bike if you have declared it to the insurers so make sure you are properly covered and aware of the insurers’ requirements. You should also consider the cover given under any holiday home insurance cover which may differ.