By now, landlords should be aware of the importance of complying with gas safety legislation , both in terms of maintaining up to date certificates but also the need to use a properly accredited gas fitter. You should only use a contractor who is on the Gas Safe Register, formerly known as CORGI. The problem that property owners in Rochdale encountered was that a local gas fitter claimed to be on the register but was using a fake Gas Safe Register number.

The contractor was recently prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive for leaving a newly installed gas hob in an “immediately dangerous” condition. Despite not being on the register he had installed a new boiler and hob but he had failed to so to a safe standard. He had also carried our gas safety checks for a landlord in Rochdale. What can landlord insurance clients do to guard against this type of behaviour? The answer is to make absolutely certain that the contractor is properly registered by asking for the Gas Safe ID card. You can then check the number by contacting As usual when dealing with trades people the best thing is to use a reputable firm that comes highly recommended by people you trust.

In another gas safety prosecution an Essex company has been fined for failing to cap off a gas supply properly before installing a new fireplace. The fitter removed a section of gas pipe and capped it with a compression joint. The householder came home to a strong smell of gas and the Health and safety Executive found that the pipe had been capped with an inadequate fitting.

The HSE reckon that 250,00 illegal gas jobs are carried out every year by people who do not have the skills or qualifications to work with gas.