Police in Northumbria are warning about thieves targeting unoccupied property for their metal boilers and copper pipes. This could be a problem for some of our unoccupied property insurance clients. Crime Prevention Advisers have launched a scheme to mark boilers in properties at risk so that potential intruders can see that the item is registered on a database and can be tracked back to the rightful owner.

Empty houses are often seen as easy targets by thieves so take precautions to keep yours as safe as possible. For example:

• Fit curtains or blinds.
• Five lever mortice locks and window locks are essential.
• Consider security lighting front and back and a burglar alarm.
• Check your property regularly or arrange for someone else to look after it for you.

Commodities like copper and other metals are easy to sell for scrap but a few precautions may deter the thieves. Lastly, make sure you check your unoccupied property insurance policy and comply with the security precautions your insurers require.