Many of our unoccupied property insurance clients have their properties up for sale. In the present market buyers are in short supply, especially since first time buyers are finding it hard to raise large enough mortgages. Many young people can only buy houses if they receive help from their parents who sometimes take out a mortgage on their own homes to raise the cash.

A new scheme is offering loans of up to £50,000 to parents who wish to help their children buy a house. The loans are unsecured and are for a twelve year term and are being made available to homeowners with a good credit history. At present the loans are only available towards the deposit on a new house from the Barratt group, which includes David Wilson and Wards.

Do you think the market will improve if buyers find it easier to raise mortgages without needing large deposits? Many unoccupied property insurance clients are considering letting their houses to tenants until the market improves. If you are going into the letting market make sure you have the correct insurance cover from a specialist