A spell of bad weather is a worrying time for owners of empty property.  Will their insurance cover the cost of storm or flood damage, or the consequences of a flood if frozen pipes burst when they thaw out?

Some properties are unoccupied because they are holiday homes; others have been bought for renovation or to let out.  Whatever the use of the property the first thing to do is to check your policy wording.  There will usually be a requirement to contact the insurer if the property will be regularly unoccupied for longer periods, perhaps for thirty days or so.  This gives the insurer the opportunity to decide what precautions they wish you to take for cover to continue.

If the property is regularly left unoccupied for shorter periods the policy may well contain clauses requiring precautions such as regular inspections, blocking up letter boxes and draining the water system or leaving the central heating on a low setting.

Make sure you are covered by a company that understands the needs of the owner of unoccupied property and you have followed all their advice.


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