Environmental Policy Statement

  • As a web based company, by definition, we have been able to minimise the use of paper files. This has also allowed us to reduce the need for large volumes of paper and printer toners. Our staff encourage customers to receive documentation in electronic form rather than hard copy as this reduces post.
  • We ensure that all our used toner cartridges are recycled by returning them to the manufacturer. Those that cannot be returned are collected by our regular stationery supplier, who share our Environmental culture and are currently sponsoring Colchester's Trees for Years cartridge recycling scheme.
  • We no longer provide plastic cups to use with our water dispenser as our staff are more than happy to bring in their own glasses.
  • Although our office has air conditioning we keep its use to a minimum and always open the windows in preference. This way we can help to try to ease the additional burden on the electricity supply and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.
  • We are switching to full-spectrum compact fluorescent lights or bulbs made with neodymium. In addition to relieving eyestrain by being more like natural outdoor light, these bulbs also save energy.
  • We promote to staff the importance of saving energy by turning off lights and computers (especially the screens) after use and have affixed reminder stickers to all electrical appliances and sockets to switch off after use to help save electricity.
  • We have introduced houseplants to help fight indoor pollution as plants can help freshen stale air and help to remove or absorb toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. NASA researcher William Wolverton claims that having 8 to 15 plants "significantly improves" air quality.
  • All of our general office waste (excluding food waste) is collected by a fully authorised office waste collection contractor, removed from the premises and passed it onto a local recycling plant where it is sorted and recycled.
  • We provide free fruit each week in the battle to provide a real alternative to junk and snack food and all the environmental burdens that are associated with mass packaging.
  • Those members of staff who are required to conduct business out of the office are encouraged, wherever possible, to use public transport rather than their cars. The proximity of the main line train station to the office means that this is further reduces the need to drive to the station from the office in order to catch a train.

Click4Quote are members of the Travel Club 2020, our Council lead initiative which is designed to help local businesses promote and encourage staff to look at walking, cycling, car share, sustainable business travel and public transport options. As Travel Club members staff are able to obtain discounts on public transport which helps those who use the buses or trains to continue to do so in the current economic climate and in the face of increasing transport costs and also to give those who might chance to this form of travel an added incentive.

Since our inception our Walking and Cycling Policy has been our principle and most successful company policy to date in discouraging car use by paying staff per mile to walk or cycle into work wherever possible.

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