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  • Three levels of cover to choose from
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Unoccupied property insurance is often required for empty homes pending sale / let, during probate or awaiting occupation by the owner for example.

Whatever the reason, it's important to protect your unoccupied property. We have been helping clients protect their homes for over 10 years.

  • Insurance cover for unoccupied homes
    - pending let / sale / owner occupation
    - undergoing renovation / in probate / temporarily vacant
    - Cover is also available for solicitors and executors
  • Three levels of cover available
     Level 1Level 2*Level 3*
    Fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, aircraft
    Smoke damage, falling trees or branches 
    Storm and flood 
    Theft and attempted theft  
    * subject to certain underwriting criteria

Empty homes need specialist property insurance. 

The unoccupied home insurance product provides a solution when existing insurers simply end cover when a house becomes vacant.

A great feature of this unoccupied insurance is that if the building is undergoing renovation or refurbishment before being let, we can simply change the cover once occupied, just call us and we'll refund you any difference in price ... remember we don't make any policy adjustments fees.

If you only require short-term cover, the annual policy can be ended mid-term and a refund provided. If your situation changes and the property is to remain empty for a longer period than planned you can rest assured you have purchased an annual policy.

Please note: We may require a photo of the roof and all external walls.

We provide quotes for various situations where a home may become unoccupied, these include:

Pending Sale:-

You may have been letting the property and have now decided to sell. The property may sit unoccupied while a purchaser is found or the sale is completed - so unoccupied property insurance is required.

In the sad event of the owner passing away empty home insurance would be required by the executors or solicitor until a decision is made about the future of the property.

As a property developer you may have purchased an empty home and have renovated the building, requiring cover while the property is being sold. We can also offer terms for property renovation insurance. Cover is dependent on the details of the renovation, including the nature of the work and estimated vacant period.

Pending Occupancy:-

The home may be unoccupied between tenancies when your current buildings insurance expires and the provider declines renewal as no tenant is in place. We will cover your property with our unoccupied property insurance and seamlessly switch cover to our landlord insurance once let.

As a property investor, you may have purchased the building but it is yet to be marketed so the house remains empty - the property may be empty for a few weeks or it may remain vacant for a longer period. In both cases empty property insurance is needed until the new tenant moves in.

Sometimes, an owner requires temporary specialist care meaning the property becomes vacant for an unknown period until they can move back home. Our unoccupied home insurance can offer both buildings and contents insurance for vacant houses in these circumstances.

The property may be a buy to let purchase and needs slight modernisation before letting, for example painting, new carpets, new bathroom.

Unoccupied Home Insurance For Your Empty Property

With our unoccupied insurance you may select buildings insurance to cover the house or choose buildings and contents cover together.

There is a minimum standard excess of £250 for empty property (£500 for escape of water & oil), which can be increased to a £1,000 in return for a 10% discount.

Our unoccupied property insurance also allows for redecoration to minor renovation works being undertaken at the home. In these circumstances cover and terms vary so each unoccupied house insurance quote is bespoke.

When your property becomes occupied by a tenant you can keep the same policy, just call us and we will automatically refund any money due, saving you time and money searching for another provider.

If you move into the empty property, we offer standard home insurance, allowing you to select the cover you need at great prices.

We do not have the option to offer empty property insurance for unoccupied buildings that are derelict, are to be demolished or are commercial premises. We are currently unable to offer short-term cover of 3, 6 or 9 months, but do offer full pro-rata cancellation terms allowing you peace of mind your property is covered for a full 12 month period. 

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Unoccupied Property Insurance
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